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Juan Pablo Culasso grabando sonidos de helicoptero UH1

+20 years of


Sound Designer - Accessibility Consultant - Nature SOUNDS Recordist

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Since I started my career, my motivation and dedication have allowed me to create exceptional projects and experiences. Browse my portfolio, which includes a mix of collaborations, commissioned work, and personal projects. Do not doubt get in touch if you want more information.

More than 20 years ago I have dedicated myself to recording sounds of nature. I am passionate about birds and the conservation of sound heritage. I have participated in numerous projects supported by WWF, USAID, Awasi Foundation, Guyra Paraguay, among others, as a Nature Sounder and Accessibility and Inclusion Consultant.

Working in nature is a privilege, even more so if you have a visual disability. This is why in recent years I have focused on working with tourism, accessibility and inclusion.

+20 years working as a nature sound recordist.

+12 years working in the management and instruction of assistive technology for blind or visually impaired and consulting about inclusion and accessibility.

I have worked as a nature sound recordist, editing and mastering the sound heritage of different ecosystems and nature reserves for biodiversity conservation and environmental education projects. I have also participated as an expert in sounds of nature and birds, and as an accessibility and inclusion advisor for ecotourism projects, infrastructure projects, W3C web accessibility, workshops for children and adults, among others.


You can find almost all my works available on Spotify or Apple Music in my artist profile Juan Pablo Culasso. 

These are some of my posts:

Documentaries and Shorts

Thanks to all the creators who have found inspiration in what I do. It is and will always be an honor and a responsibility that I receive with humility. 

These are some of the projects in which I have been the protagonist or have acted as a nature sound engineer: