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Can you imagine being able to enjoy nature at its best, regardless of your abilities or capabilities? Or experiencing the tranquility and relaxation that a well-crafted soundscape provides? As a lover of the sound of nature and passionate about inclusion and accessibility, I am dedicated to offering personalized and unique services that allow all people to enjoy the wonders of our planet.


I grew up in an environment where self-learning and excellence are, more than a priority, a necessity. I am a lecturer on issues of conservation of the natural sound heritage; sound recording and editing; diversity, accessibility and inclusion; inclusive tourism; bird watching; birds and soundscapes. I love connecting people with other possible realities, inviting reflection and paradigm shift.

Bird Audio Guides

An audio bird guide portrays the sounds of the birds of a country, a region or just the birds that occur in a forest. In my career I have recorded many species of birds, mainly in Uruguay, Brazil, Paraguay and Colombia.

Sound Mastering

Prepare dialogues, restore old recordings, mix sounds for a telephone exchange... these are some examples of what I do, always with the highest levels of technology so that the result of the work is of the highest quality.

Workshops on Diversity, Accessibility and Inclusion

My passion is guiding people towards a more inclusive lifestyle. Each person is unique and has their own strengths and limitations. There are many workshops that I can offer you:


On disability: We will explore the social, cultural and political aspects of disability.

Assistive Technology: You will learn about the use of technology to improve the lives of people with disabilities.


Universal design: We will talk about  universal design and apply them in different contexts.


Inclusive Education: In this workshop I present strategies to create inclusive classrooms and schools. We will talk about the different types of disabilities and how to provide accommodations and modifications to support students with disabilities.


Disability Support and Services: These workshops focus on providing support and services to people with disabilities.


Tailor-made workshop: We can also design a tailor-made workshop for you, depending on the type of organization to which you belong and/or the type of audience to which it is addressed. Do not hesitate to contact me to know more. 

Consulting in Tourism and Conservation of Sound Heritage

Why is it important that your company, hotel, lodge, restaurant or nature reserve be inclusive and accessible? Why is it important to preserve the natural sound heritage? I can advise you. I specialize in accessible tourism with an emphasis on nature-based tourism, cultural tourism, luxury tourism and gastronomic tourism; in turn in conservation of the environment through the preservation of sounds and their relationship with the landscape.


A soundscape allows you to know a place in a relaxing way. The sound sensations cause peace and tranquility. Over several years I have recorded countless sunrises, sunsets, nights... Sounds that will lower your stress level.


In order for your app to be used by a wider audience, it must have accessibility. Whether your app is for iOS, OSX, or Android, I can help you comply with accessibility standards, including using assistive technology tools like screen readers, alternative keyboards, and audio aids to enhance the user experience for visually impaired people.

Workshops related to Sound, Conservation and Tourism. 

Another of my passions is being a sound engineer. These are the workshops that I can offer you:


Nature Sound Recording and Soundscapes: We will explore the relationship between sound and the environment and how soundscapes can be used to understand ecological systems, as well as the impact of noise pollution on human health and the environment.


Sound Design: In this workshop we will explore the use of sound in audiovisual production, including soundscapes, and dialogue. We will cover topics such as sound recording and editing, sound mixing, and the creative use of sound.


Tourism and the Environment: We will examine the relationship between tourism and the environment, including the impacts of tourism on natural and cultural resources, and the role of tourism in sustainable and regenerative development. It covers topics such as tourism planning and management, environmental impact assessment and stakeholder engagement.


Tailor-made workshop: We can also design a tailor-made workshop for you, depending on the type of organization to which you belong and/or the type of public to which it is addressed. Do not hesitate to contact me to know more. 

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