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In this section you will find a selection of written, audiovisual, radio and podcast reports about my work and projects. Go ahead, explore and learn more about my work!

Written Press: Notes, Blogs,

Interviews, reports and promotional videos

Radio and Podcasts

Interview for the Outlook program, BBC World Service

One of my first interviews with a global medium. It was during the largest birding event in Latin America; Spot Brazil .

Present Time Program


Uruguay National Radio Interview

Butterfly Effect Program: The Bird Maker

Interview with the program Don't Touch Anything 2014

Juan Pablo Culasso, NatGeo Superbrains winner

Interview Radio Camera Brazil

Traveling through Brazil Program - Paisagens sonoros - Pantanal

Radio Caracol interview program A Vivir Que Son Dos Días

Standout People Section - Colombia

Interview program Do not touch anything 2016

Juan Pablo Culasso travels to Antarctica

In Perspective program interview

Blind Uruguayan who travels through Antarctica to record its soundscape.

Interview with Radio Nacional de Colombia

Seeing through the ears - Sound File.

Other Words program interview

History of my career.

Interview Radio Caracol program A Vivir Que Son Dos Días 2018

Standout People Section - from the Lagos de Menegua Bioreserve, Meta, Colombia - Production of the Bird Sounds Library.

Radio Todelar interview program Nuestro Oxygen 2016

Specialized program on environmental issues, interview conducted during the visit to the city of Cali for the Colombi Birdfair 2016.

Radio Ambulante NPR interview: 240 BIRDS

Latin American stories in audio, podcast. Produced by Nausícaa Palomeque and Martina Castro from Uruguay: Juan Pablo Culasso was born blind but sees things that others will never be able to. Read the full Spanish transcript here . Read the English translation here .
Watch a video with English subtitles here .

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